Featuring totally new capabilities in processing incoming mail.

Access B400 Letter Opener

The Access B400 automatic letter opener handles stacks of incoming mail at rates of up to 400 letters per minute, in large and small formats, from the thinnest envelopes up to 10 mm thick. Thanks to its precision slitting technology, there are no waste cuttings and no damaged contents.


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Brilliant technology: Slitting instead of cutting

This minimises the danger of damaged letter contents as well as problems with paper clips. In addition, there is no disposal of messy cutting waste and no risk of paper remnants in the opener.

Thick letters? No problem!

The Access B400 slits letters as thick as 10 mm without any presorting because it adjusts automatically to variable letter thicknesses. Letters are loaded, opened and neatly stacked in a flash.

Large format mail? Once again, absolutely no problem!

The large feed table enables the Access B400 letter opener to feed and open large format letters up to C4 / B4 in size conveniently from a stack.

Greatest operational convenience

Simply place a stack of letters onto the feed table and push it over the triggering mechanism – and away it goes! No sorting, no presettings and no buttons to press. Letters are automatically fed through the slitting unit.

Everything fully automatic

The Start/Stop function automatically switches the Frama B400 letter opener on and off when letters are fed into it. Likewise, if an excessively thick letter is inserted, it is automatically ejected making letter jams a thing of the past.

Want to open letters on several sides? Go ahead!

Frama letter openers take care of this for you, opening the two long edges in two steps. With the Access B400 letter opener you can take this a step further and open C6/5 and C5 formats on three sides with the letter guide.

Opening techniqueSlitting
Speed400 / Min.
Letter thickness maximum10 mm
Processable formatsall
Largest stack formatup to C4 / B4
Maximum stack height8cm
Automatic start/stop functionyes
Automatic reverse in case of letter jamyes
Letter release buttonyes
Opening letters on several sides*3 sides
Feed table26 x 22cm
Product dimensions (L x D x H)424 x 291 x 190mm
Collecting tray (L x D x H)322 x 267 x 190mm
Net weight incl. collecting tray6.2kg

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