Ideal for those who run a small business or work from home

DM60 Digital Franking Machine

The Pitney Bowes DM60 small office franking machine is the ideal franking machine for any small office sending up to 50 letters or parcels per day..


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Now, it’s easy to avoid time consuming trips to the post office and save on postage. Just switch from stamping to franking.

The Pitney Bowes DM60 small office franking machine gives you anytime access to all Royal Mail franking discounts. Not much bigger than an A4 sheet of paper, this is the ideal franking machine for any small office sending up to 50 letters or parcels per day.

That’s not all, with Mailmark:

Get automated rate updates avoiding surcharges
Use LAN connection and reduce analogue telephone costs
Gain access to Mailmark specific products such as Free Prepay Reply to encourage quicker responses from customers.

Exact postage every time

The 2.5kg integrated weighing-scale sets the machine with the correct postage automatically. You never have to guess or over-stamp your mail again.

Hold onto cash longer

No need for petty cash reimbursements for stamps. Pay for your postage in arrears with our online Purchase Power account. Then, receive a single monthly invoice and pay by direct debit.

Post where and when you want to

You can post franked mail in your nearest post box. You can also post your franked mail in a regular post box, by using our metered mail envelopes, which can be used to post up to 50 items of mail per day. Franked mail can also be handed in at your local Post Office or posted in a franked mailbox.

Look more professional

Now, you can promote your business at every opportunity. With the DM60 small office franking machine, you can print your company logo, advertising message and more alongside the postage on every letter or parcel you send.

What’s more, you can create and use as many envelope messages you like, absolutely free.

SMART Franking

A SMART franking machine, like the DM60, allows you to reclaim your VAT. That’s essential if your company uses Royal Mail VATable Products.

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We are a leading specialist supplier of mailroom equipment and consumables including franking machines, folding and inserting machines and letter openers.
We supply a wide range of affordable, high performance machines that will not only save your company time and money, but also ensure that your outgoing mail projects a quality image to your clients.

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In 2012, Pitney Bowes launched the Authorised Dealer Program. Smart Mail Solutions are proud to be an Authorised Pitney Bowes Dealer. 


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